Let Them Eat Cake

Some people, and they know who they are, are not ready to accept the inevitable march to a despotic city government. While these resisters are perturbed, government by the people for the people has been whittled away.

Windsor Council entered into an ironic cosplay this week, wearing ill-fitting wigs and pretending they were partying like it was 1892. This they did at a May 17 mock council meeting from that time period.

It was nothing but absurd and a decadent waste of hard earned taxpayer’s money. Unfortunately, Council prefers to pretend its role is to act like gadflies from a time long gone.

The nuance was not lost on the citizenry.

Robert Gr, commenting in the Windsor Star’s report of the “historical” event, said, “… this council is run like a circus (thus) its fitting they all look like clowns.”

And, of course they did.

But, the situation went well beyond complete tomfoolery and abject waste of money. The reality is today’s council meetings are equally as staged. Mind you, without the old clothes.

Politics as theatre is politics at its worst. And that is what Windsor now serves up with a dollop of arrogance.

The people are no longer important.

This is nothing new. The wheels of this new autocracy started moving forward with former mayor Eddie Francis. One example were the 40 delegations who pleaded with him to go slow and do the downtown natatorium properly.

He ignored everyone and now taxpayers are paying for it with yet even higher taxes.

As recent as May 18, at a committee meeting, the public was again ignored. As the CBC reported, councillor Chris Holt, “… argued the decision to exclude bikes from Wyandotte ignored the various groups who attended the meeting in support of the plan.”

Lately, giving the public the cold shoulder is the way Council rolls. In a letter to the local paper, published on May 18, Dee Sweet expressed an opinion heard more and more at the, so far, still legal impromptu gatherings in local coffee shops.

Sweet concluded, after attending the May 8 council meeting, Council, “… is not open to hearing the ideas of the people.”

She is right.

Council members would much rather party and wear silly outfits. It neatly sums up their distaste for voters.

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Robert Tuomi
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