Can You Hear Me Now?

The world today is careless and messy. Lies overrule truths. Crime runs rampant and rudeness is the new norm.

Folks are beyond angry; they’re downright pissed off. And, somewhere, they have gotten the idea that bullying is an acceptable way through their life.

They literally say what’s on their mind and do whatever they want, without fearing any consequences.

Kindness and compassion, to say nothing of the consideration for the feelings of others, seems to be a thing of ancient history. Why? Probably because we don’t actually talk to each other anymore.

Well not face to face interaction like there once was. Not where we look someone in the eye, see the expression on their face, and register the hurt and dismay our words may be causing.

No. We sit behind our phones and keyboards instead; typing and texting. We message whatever we please, no matter how hurtful it may be. And, before it is all said and done, we’ve become something we never imagined being: a whole society of keyboard bullies where we never have to say we’re sorry.

Technology, as fabulous and essential as it is in today’s world, has made us forget that we are conversing with real, live human beings, when we hit send. They are real people with real feelings, real emotions, and real problems.

Individuals who, like ourselves, process information in each our own way.

So, I bring forth this challenge to you.

Listen to, and really hear, what those around have to say.

I challenge you to try and understand where their thoughts and opinions which differ from yours are coming from. I’m challenging you to take that empathy off the shelf and dust it off and try incorporating a little kindness into your life.

I know I’m asking for a miracle from some of you. I’m asking you to set aside anger and the keyboard bullying and simply agree to disagree.

Remember, diversity is the spice of life. Without it the human race may cease to exist. And above all else, simply be sincere and offer an apology when it’s required.

As I leave you with this challenge I’m reminded of a quote I read.

The biggest communication problem

Is we do not listen to understand

We listen to reply

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Heather Burton
Heather is a contributing writer to the Square Media Group. Her articles reflect her insightful and witty personality on events from politics to everyday living. Heather has called the Windsor area "home" for over 35yrs. Email Heather Burton