Murky Water Maghnieh’s Future

Local pundits are becoming mathematical whiz kids as they calculate life in 2018 Windsor with Al Maghnieh back on city council. In his last bid, after revelations of his use of a library issued credit card for personal business, he failed miserably.

It really wasn’t much of a surprise. But, the pundits ask, “Has he served enough time in oblivion to mount a comeback?”

Those reading the Windsor Star on June 28 have reason to believe he is dusting off his running shoes after his ticket to victory serendipitously landed in his lap. For Maghnieh, it will be the way the city is treating residents in South Windsor, who are dealing with muddy faucet water.

Maghnieh has emerged as their water defender, so much so that the paper took a decent promotional shot of him staring wistfully into two glasses of water. The symbolism was palatable.

One was murky, symbolizing his past as a disgraced councilor. The other much clearer, signaling a clear field ahead.

Apparently, Maghnieh has been suffering the effects of dirty water since the start of the week. The paper said his tap is pouring out an, “… icky brown water.” Maghnieh describes it as, “disgusting,” then adds, “… it looks gross.”

The city says the problem is a flushing out of city fire hydrants. Although it should quickly go away, a city hall official calls situations in which the water is discoloured for a long period a, “… rare occasion.”

With such a rare occasion, Maghnieh, on his Twitter feed, wonders if it would, “… be fair to say a boil water advisory is warranted?”

Oddly, no one is responding to Maghnieh or his neighbours.

This includes calls to the local Ward 10 councilor, Paul Borrelli. That silence could be all Maghnieh needs to win another council term. This is especially so with him talking of no response from city hall while a city official tells the paper he hasn’t heard of any complaints.

This serious breakdown in communications could work to Maghnieh’s advantage.

It would be an ideal front door talking point to discredit Borrelli, should he decide to run again.

With Maghnieh on his tail, talking about the lack of response, surely the election spoils could go to Maghnieh. He might even door-knock with a sample of the water.

If he does, and shows he is the guy they need in office, his voters might forget has imperfections.

Unlike the water, one thing is clear in this. Campaign 2018 has started and it will probably get even stranger; maybe even murkier than Maghnieh’s tap water.

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