Jobs Going Elsewhere

Windsor and Essex County are missing in action as other communities announce new economic developments. In fact, investors seem to be by-passing Windsor altogether.

Soprema will soon make waterproofing, insulation, and soundproofing products in a new plant in Woodstock. Company executive Richard Yoyer told Heart FM on April 27 that Woodstock is ideally situated, “… at the intersection of NAFTA Super Highways 401 and 403, providing great access to customers and labour.”

Woodstock will also get a new General Motors parts warehouse.

Kitchener is getting a multi-million dollar egg grading facility. The Record said on February 3 that it made logistical sense, because the city is close to, “… producers and customers in southern Ontario.”

Although Windsor’s new international crossing will make it easy for companies to drive right by the city, it seems some are doing that without a new bridge. And they are coming from afar.

The latest is Mexican company Goss Global. On June 29, the London Free Press talked of how it is opening a new operation in the Forest City and will, “… expand into the US market from Canada.”

If Windsor’s location is so good, it is hard to understand how a Mexican company could pick London. But, there are other reasons as well. Arturo Zarate, the chief executive of Goss, said an important factor is London’s emphasis on research and development.

“London is a great place for technology innovation. There are very good research centres here,” for the composite materials his plant uses, reported the newspaper. Zarate, and this should be constructive for local economic developers, also, “… likes London’s location between Toronto and Detroit.”

Goss makes car, truck, and farm machinery parts and would be an ideal catch for Windsor.

Kapil Lakhotia, chief executive of London’s Economic Development office, said global companies competing on the global stage are, “… looking to Ontario for their next phase of growth.” But, are they looking at Windsor?

Didn’t Windsor spend millions to get on the world stage, so it could be noticed? Or, was that nothing but pretense?

How many more communities are benefiting from new plants while Windsor sits on the sidelines? Just keep watching the news to find out.

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