Doing TWEPI’s Job

Here we go again. An attempt to spend an almost miniscule amount of money to lure more Detroiters to the area is simply more proof the costly and minor FINA event last December didn’t make Windsor world famous, even in Detroit.

So, after all that money was spent to host FINA, some, but not all, business improvement areas in the region rallied around a new rallying cry: More Windsor.

Eight BIAs pooled their resources and found $70,000 to fund a campaign. Of the 14 BIAs in Windsor and Essex County, six decided to not participate. They may well prove to be the smart ones because, so far, the More Windsor program seems saturated with the usual pretense.

Jim Crichton, the late night anchor at CTV news, on July 17 spoke optimistically about how this spending will do the trick. The goal, he said looking directly into the camera, as is his wont, “… is to attract millions of Detroiters and Michiganders to Windsor and Essex County.”

Really? Millions?

Hasn’t the city heard enough of this nonsense?

Some television viewers were stumped. They wondered why these BIAs had to spend more money to attract more tourists considering that every year Essex County and Windsor taxpayers pay almost two million dollars to have Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island complete that very chore.

If two million spent yearly hasn’t produced the tourism traffic the BIAs would like to see, how can anyone believe spending an additional $70,000 will be effective?

It won’t.

In fact, such a small amount of money won’t even cover the proper research needed to find out why Detroiters are not crossing the border and what would attract them to their so-called southern suburb. The campaign does include research, right?

Well, not really, according to traditional media reports.

This small budget program will not even cover an advanced measurement and tracking program.

There is a sophisticated tracking program, right? Well, no.

Apparently, it seems, the proponents of More Windsor will simply count clicks at their shiny new website.

Ad hoc tourism promotion rarely works. Instead of pooling their money, these BIAs should be standing at the gates of their respective town halls across the region chanting, “TWEPI isn’t doing its job.”

TWEPI should be investigated to find out why it isn’t bringing millions of tourists to the region’s BIAs. Our neighbourhood businesses are paying its costs.

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