Rose City Oddities

Even in the dog days of summer there is no shortage of oddities in the city common sense, for all practical purposes, ignores.

First off, television viewers watching local news programs may have witnessed the oddity of their councilors wearing Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation golf shirts. The councilors have been observed wearing red ones and blue ones.

Is it a nice perk for being a person of the people, or is it slightly a misnomer for the economic developers to spend taxpayer money dressing the city and county’s elected representatives? Shouldn’t every cent of the money the outfit is given each year be solely used to find jobs and to expand the region’s economy?

And why are Windsor taxpayer-paid councilors promoting the region? Shouldn’t their first priority be to their wards? Why are they not wearing t-shirts saying they have the best ward in the city?

Two more national restaurants chains have pulled a few of their units out of Windsor. Wendy’s has closed the Howard Avenue location, bringing the total of remaining outlets to three. The Huron Church Road Wendy’s location was recently modernized and continues in operation.

Swiss Chalet has shuttered its own Huron Church Road unit. By doing so, the company reduces the number of bricks and mortar from three to two.

One young restaurant in Windsor has closed permanently. Kabob N Curry had a prominent spot on Wyandotte Street West, but was finding hydro bills were rising faster than what owner Shaukat Khan could earn at his establishment. The restaurant shut down earlier this year, but promised to return.

It didn’t, and now a new eatery has taken its place.

The talk of the coffee shops these days is the big difference between the tendered costs and the city administration’s estimated costs of ripping out the retail at the Windsor-owned parking garage on Pelissier Street. The highest bidder was about double the estimate by Administration.

Drew Dilkens took a cavalier approach to the difference, telling the Windsor Star on July 23 that such variances are the, “… normal course of business where there’s an estimate and a tender comes in. Sometimes it’s under, sometimes it’s over.”

The reality is that City Councilors make their decisions based on the information provided by Administration. At the very least, there should be an independent investigation to look into the matter. It is doubtful, however, that such an probe will be initiated.

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