Dilkens Makes Political Hay

Much has been said about the fact that Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens was caught in a misrepresentation last week. He stated that the mega hospital file had been discussed during a special City Council meeting with Ontario premier Kathleen Wynn. At least two councillors pointed out that they had no recollection of the subject ever being mentioned.

Unfortunately, misrepresentations by this mayor are so frequent, they are barely noteworthy.

What is noteworthy, though, is the fact that the hospital issue is not allowed into City Council discussions. Proponents of the mega-hospital plan, including Dilkens, continually justify their position by claiming that City Council and the vast majority of the community are in favor of the proposed hospital site.

Here was a golden opportunity to demonstrate this solidarity to the premier, and was even requested by at least one councillor. The subject, however, was not put on the agenda.

As a lawyer, Dilkens knows never to ask a question unless you’re sure of the answer. Obviously, he was so unsure of the support for the plan that he didn’t want to take a chance with cracks in support could appear.

His blunder was in trying to have it both ways.

In attempting to make political hay, by falsely indicating there was a positive discussion of the file, the mayor only succeeded in drawing attention to his reluctance to have it discussed openly, let alone at all.

Happily, this clearly indicates that by no means is the plan to locate the hospital way out in a remote bean field a so-called done deal.