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A regular on Windsor’s riverfront this year is the luxury small cruise ship the Pearl Mist. But, at this point, its arrival in Windsor is not being treated as an opportunity to showcase the city and the region. These days when it docks its 210 passengers are dropped into a construction zone at Dieppe Gardens.

That’s pretty shoddy treatment considering these are rather affluent travellers. Some are spending up to $10,000 per person. Why hasn’t Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island shown the leadership other communities are showing?

Holland, MI, is a good example.

According to the cruise line’s promotional material, the town’s genuine Dutch culture, “… is alive and well, as portrayed by our local host who will pick you up in full Dutch attire and take you to all of the authentic sites in the town.”

Why can’t Windsor be as creative? Wouldn’t the tourists be thrilled to have Hiram Walker welcome them?

If not Hiram, what about Lee Iacocca arriving in an original mini-van to brag about how his automotive revolution was made right here in Windsor. Or what about Brock and Tecumseh partnering again to entice the guests to see the historic side of Windsor.

There is so much that could be done to impress tourists. Eight BIAs in the area plan to spend $70,000 to entice Detroiters and Michigan residents to the region, but for next to nothing they could take advantage of boatloads of tourists.

It makes no sense.

TWEPI should be capitalizing on every opportunity because, as they say, a bird in the hand is worth plenty more than a bunch in the bush.

The reality is TWEPI isn’t the tourist attracting powerhouse some might think it is and the revelations of late are shocking.

Leamington recently found out many of its attractions were missing in TWEPI’s new visitors guide. This became a political issue in Canada’s Tomato Capital when it was brought to light by the only elected representative in the region to question the organization’s performance.

The Town of Essex recently set up a promotional website to feature town attractions which are not promoted TWEPI.

At some point all of the region’s politicians need to have a heart-to-heart talk with TWEPI to find out why its performance seems so subpar.

While the Mist opportunities are lost this year, can the city afford to ignore its many passengers next year?

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