Open Letter To Windsor Council

As hundreds, possibly thousands, of your constituents deal with the fall-out from yet another flood, you need to reconsider the poorly thought out and rushed decision to spend three million dollars on a light festival at Jackson Park.

Your priorities are terribly skewed.

Please spare us the rhetoric about cities being made up of, “more than roads and sewers.”  Quite frankly, most of us are sick of this tired old line.

Our infrastructure needs help and needs it fast. We’ve all known this for a long time.

Regardless of what we currently spend on roads and sewers it clearly isn’t enough. We do not need a light festival in a park with known parking issues while our sewers back up into our basements and our roads become impassable.

The citizens of Windsor are tired of seeing delegations refused funding because we’re told the cupboard is bare only to witness a pet project of our mayor or councillors’ presented not long afterwards. Suddenly we discover piles of unused funds.

It has begun to appear that our mayor and most of our city councillors have an agenda that does not include the opinions and concerns of the majority of the citizens of this community. It also appears that the process is being manipulated to limit constituent input on certain controversial proposals.

This needs to stop immediately. Enough is enough.

I am formally and respectfully requesting a reconsideration vote regarding the light festival proposed for Jackson Park.

About the Author

Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart is a regular contributor to Square Media Group. He is a resident and tax payer in Windsor, where he lives with his family. Email Tim Stewart