A Christmas Story

Members of the city’s Jackson Park BIA are literally swimming in cream cheese after hearing of the Francis Council’s enterprising plan to spend $1.5 million, down from $3 million, on Christmas lights for their park for a flash-in-the pan event.

“Holy Macarollie,” said one excited merchant. He was quick to add that it will be like, “… FINA all over again. When the swimming championships were in town last December, our park was flooded with visitors. Many of them just stood staring at all we have to offer and, in their minds, imagining what the park must look like in full bloom in the summer. Both vowed to return to our glorious city to see such a spectacle.”

Admittedly, some of the merchants were taken aback by a comment from the mayor saying there could be sleigh rides if it snows. This was disappointing,

The merchants knew in their heart of hearts that a true show of Christmas magnitude could not be contemplated without chestnuts roasting and sleigh rides aplenty.

Then, one jubilant merchant broached the subject that was on most of his peers’ minds.

She remembered, with some clarity, that the city had some slick surface fake ice bought for the purpose of bringing 24-7, all year round ice skating to downtown’s Charles Clark Square. It didn’t work out all that well.

Despite the failure, she knew that the fake ice could be laid out end-to-end to create a reasonable facsimile sleigh ride platform to add that extra touch to the expensive Council vote getter. Too add some reality to the BIA’s jumping for joy, one grumpy retailer, the one in every crowd who hardly likes anything, was complaining in a visceral fashion.

“Sleigh rides,” he said, to no one in particular. “They can’t even take care of the dog droppings throughout the park, and now we are going to have horse droppings too.”

Notwithstanding, a few city residents love the idea of spending the city’s finite resources to create a legacy for departing mayor Drew Dilkens. All three admitted to be suffering FINA let down after the high from the world coming to Windsor.

They need another fix and were hoping much of the $1.5 million will be spent to alert the world to the park’s light show.

“We have to get the word out to the world,” said one. She hoped out loud, “The mayor will print leaflets which Air Canada can drop on unsuspecting cities around the world, to tell them a great thing that is about to happen in Windsor. Maybe, the mayor can drop the propaganda on his many worldly trips.”

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