Brewer Bummed About FINA Coverage

Apparently Karl Pilkington does not agree with Irek Kusmiercyzk over the city spending millions on last year’s FINA short course swimming championships.

Kusmiercyzk, the councillor for Ward 7, at City Council’s meeting of November 6, made it clear he was not exactly accepting of the city’s claims that the event brought in $36 million in economic benefits.

Pilkington seems to disagree.

The mysterious Murray Brewer.

The mysterious Murray Brewer.

In a comment to an opinion piece published on the same day in The Square, Pilkington, apparently using the alias of Murray Brewer, described the column, without proof, as, “… continued malicious criticisms of things associated with parts of the community that he [Tuomi] doesn’t agree with.”

Pilkington, or his nom de plume Brewer, went on to say that The Square does not present any facts. He did not offer any facts to prove his accusation. Content in The Square is always based on reliable information and, in this case, released by the city itself.

Pilkington went on to claim many, “… area families are proud of the FINA event and their children’s participation and attendance watching WORLD CLASS athletes and Olympians in their own backyard.”

He did not explain why, considering The Square previously reported, after talking with Swim Vortex journalist Craig Lord, that the event did not feature many world class athletes. Leading swimmers, as Lord pointed out, did not attend because the short course, as it is called, is a minor event.

Although some local families did attend, not enough of them did. Attendance was below estimations, so low the city had to bus in a thousand grade school students to fill the east end arena to make it look busy.

All this begs the question, why is Pilkington so interested in local political issues and why does he use a false name?

A clue might be found in Wikipedia. The real Karl Pilkington is a well-known actor and co-founder, with Ricky Gervais, of a United Kingdom television production company. The clue is that he was also the presenter on the Sky television network’s travel comedy series An Idiot Abroad.

Is it possible Brewer is Pilkington’s name when he plays the role of Idiot Abroad? Or is the reality more that Brewer is what is known simply as a troll?

Wikipedia reveals that trolls sow, “… discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages.”

The mystery in all this is simple. Brewer is obviously not Pilkington, but who is he and why is he up to no good?

It does not take much courage to hide behind a false identity. So, in all fairness, will the man or woman behind Murray Brewer please stand up and be accountable?

Sadly with the election less than a year away, it can be expected Brewer will have a lot more to say, and none of it based on reality or fact. Although, now that he has been exposed, he will probably sassume another identity.

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