Sleiman Frustrated With Residents

It must be nothing less than frustrating for some city councilors who find residents are just not getting “on the train” as Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens said. So, it was no surprise to see the Windsor Star launch into its sycophantic coverage of the city’s council a little less than a year out from the 2018 municipal election.

Scolding is the best term to describe the reportage which, no doubt, will continue over the next eleven months as the Star sets out to prove nothing is wrong in Windsor and that its citizens should bow down to a City Council that is never wrong and never has a day without sunshine.

To get the parade of platitudes started, the local paper politely praised Ward 5 Councilor Ed Sleiman. He was quoted on November 4 that the city needs people to, “open their eyes.”

He explained they should be appreciative of what they have. Those who aren’t should sojourn in some, “poor country.” On arrival back in Canada they should go down on their knees, “to say thank God that we live in a peaceful country.”

Canada is no longer peaceful. A lone gunman killed an unarmed soldier at Ottawa’s national war memorial. In Edmonton an ISIS-like attack left a stabbed police officer and Jasper Avenue littered with injured people struck by a van.

This is brazen propaganda from a councilor with his head in the sand. He is trying to convince taxpayers to line up at electronic voting machines, with no idea if they are even accurate, to vote for a council doing so little for a city in distress.

In case Sleiman hasn’t noticed, unemployment in the city is up, to 6.9%. Floods have devastated thousands of homeowners. A whole industry, tool and mold, is entering its sunset years. The downtown is crumbling under the weight of lack of attention.

All the while, Council chases shiny things like refurbishing a streetcar, not made in the city, to possibly create an ice cream stand. Windsor’s overly rich history in automotive and distilling is largely ignored, although a shiny statue of Hiram Walker is planned.

In typical Francis Council-style, Sleiman is simply trying to chastise anyone who even thinks the city can be better. Shame on the thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries who know and say that the city can be better.

Admittedly, Sleiman is a hard working councilor, probably one of the best. But, if this is how he plans to campaign, his ward would be much better-suited to a realist who honestly wants to create a better Windsor.

Windsor has barely grown in the past fifty years. If it continues on its current path, it will become the Canadian equivalent of a poor country.

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Robert Tuomi

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